Welcome to the School District of Philadelphia translation archive. You will find here all the documents and materials that have been translated into the 8 major languages spoken by our students and families: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Khmer, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

The District’s Translation & Interpretation Center has created this page to make all our translations accessible. We hope you will find this site useful for supporting our multilingual families.

You can search through the list of documents by providing relevant keywords in the search box. Click the up and down arrows next to the table headings to sort by ascending or descending order. All documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files.

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If you are in doubt about a document and/or cannot find it here, it may be a Pennsylvania State-mandated special education document or form. Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website where State-mandated forms are available to download in 12 languages: http://www.pattan.net/category/Legal/Forms.


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Language  Code  Document Title  Multilingual Title  
AlbanianwxyzKFlyerKindergarten Registration Flyer_BW
AlbanianwxyzKindergarten Registration Flyer (wxyzKFlyer)Fletushkë e Regjistrimit në Kopësht
ArabicwxyzKFlyerKindergarten Registration Flyer_BW
ArabicwxyzKindergarten Registration Flyer (wxyzKFlyer)نشرة التسجيل للروضة
ChinesewxyzKFlyerKindergarten Registration Flyer_BW
ChinesewxyzKindergarten Registration Flyer (wxyzKFlyer)幼儿园登记入学传单
EnglishwxyzKFlyerKindergarten Registration Flyer_BW
EnglishwxyzKindergarten Registration Flyer (wxyzKFlyer)
FrenchwxyzKFlyerKindergarten Registration Flyer_BW
FrenchwxyzKindergarten Registration Flyer (wxyzKFlyer)Formulaire d’inscription au jardin d’enfants
KhmerwxyzKFlyerKindergarten Registration Flyer_BW
KhmerwxyzKindergarten Registration Flyer (wxyzKFlyer)លិ​ខិត​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​ដំ​ណឹង​អំ​ពី​ការ​​ចុះ​​ឈ្មោះ​​ចូល​រៀន​​ថ្នាក់​​មត្តេយ្យ
RussianwxyzKFlyerKindergarten Registration Flyer_BW
RussianwxyzKindergarten Registration Flyer (wxyzKFlyer)Листовка о регистрации в подготовительный класс
SpanishwxyzKFlyerKindergarten Registration Flyer_BW
SpanishwxyzKindergarten Registration Flyer (wxyzKFlyer)Volante de inscripción para Kindergarten
VietnamesewxyzKFlyerKindergarten Registration Flyer_BW
VietnamesewxyzKindergarten Registration Flyer (wxyzKFlyer)Tờ Rơi Về Việc Ghi Danh Vào Mẫu Giáo