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  • The feeder pattern associated with the schools in each catchment/boundary area

Disclaimer: The School Finder application utilizes a 3rd-party service provided by Google, Inc. The School District of Philadelphia cannot guarantee the full accuracy of the results provided by this service. The Feeder Patterns and School Catchment area maps are intended to be a guide for parents and guardians to identify their child’s designated neighborhood school. Students are to enroll in the neighborhood school that serves the legal residence of the parent or legal guardian. Please do not make a decision to move or to purchase or rent a home or apartment based on these charts alone, and always verify the information provided by the School Finder application by contacting your local school or the School District of Philadelphia directly.

Catchment/boundary areas as well as feeder patterns are subject to change to reflect changing neighborhood demographics.

Citywide and Special Admission Schools
These maps display Citywide and Special Admission public schools, enrollment in these schools is not based on a neighborhood boundary. For additional information on special admit or city-wide schools, please reference the Office of Student Placement's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Charter Schools
These maps display Renaissance and Non-Renaissance charter schools. Renaissance charter schools operate as neighborhood schools and enroll children living within the neighborhood boundaries/catchment area. Non-Renaissance charter schools displayed on this map are not based on neighborhood boundary. Further information about charter schools may be obtained from the Charter School Office.

Please contact the local school identified on the map to ensure that the address of your residence meets the current catchment/boundary area requirements. If you have questions concerning school boundaries or student placement please call the School District of Philadelphia Call Center at 215-400-4000. If you are encountering technical issues with the School Finder website please contact