Welcome to the School District of Philadelphia translation archive. You will find here all the documents and materials that have been translated into the 8 major languages spoken by our students and families: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Khmer, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

The District’s Translation & Interpretation Center has created this page to make all our translations accessible. We hope you will find this site useful for supporting our multilingual families.

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If you are in doubt about a document and/or cannot find it here, it may be a Pennsylvania State-mandated special education document or form. Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website where State-mandated forms are available to download in 12 languages: http://www.pattan.net/category/Legal/Forms.

Available translated documents. (5270 documents in the database. Sorted by Language : descending. Viewing Page 3 of 264.)
Language  Code  Document Title  Multilingual Title  
VietnamesexzwyLevelESOL Level DescriptionsTrình Bày Về Các Trình Độ ESOL (Người Sử Dụng Anh Văn Là Ngôn Ngữ Thứ Hai)
VietnamesexzwyRe-engagement Center Brochure (xzwyRCB)
VietnamesehxyzFact Sheet Breakfast Challenge (hxyzBC)
VietnameseywzxAttendance Tips (ywzxATips)
VietnameseywzxAttendance Guidelines (ywzxAG)
VietnameseyxzwSDP Code of Student Conduct (yxzwCode)Nội Quy Điều Lệ Nhà Trường Của Sở Giáo Dục Philadelphia
VietnamesewyxzEnrollment Guidelines (wyxzGuideGIẤY TỜ CẦN THIẾT KHI ĐẾN GHI DANH HỌC
VietnamesexwzySigns in Other Language (xwzySign)
VietnamesermsdRecord Request Instructions (rmsdRR)
VietnamesewxzyOSS ESY Transportation Registration Form (wxzyESY)
VietnamesexzywNaglieri Nonverbal Assessment Test_Parent Letter (xzywNote)
VietnamesexzwyParent Refusal of ELD Program Form (xzwyELD)
VietnamesexzwyACCESS Parent Notification (xzwyACCESS)
VietnamesexwzyVolunteer Brochure (xwzyVB)
VietnamesecsxySection 504 Symposium Parent invitation letter (csxy504)
VietnamesecsxySuicide Prevention (csxyPre)Ngăn Ngừa Việc Tự Tử
VietnamesecsxyUnderstanding Your Child's Behavior (csxyBev)Hiểu Biết Những Hành Vi Của Con Quý Vị
VietnamesexwzyGetting Involved Presentation (xwzyIn)
VietnamesexzywKeystone Parent Letter (xzywLetter)Thơ Gởi Phụ Huynh Về Kỳ Thi Keystone
VietnamesexzywPSSA Keystone Accommodations (xzywAccommodate) Các tính năng và biện pháp thích nghi trong kỳ thi Keystone/PSSA